A Smattering of Affairs

I wanted to post a quick note here to let everyone know that I will not be posting much for a little bit for a number of reason.  My laptop has crashed and I must be off to buy a new hard drive for it this evening so the wonderful people at Apple can fix it for me.  And secondly, I’m moving back to Canada this weekend.  There were some issues with immigration and now, for my sanity, I have decided it’s time to go back. 

I hope to post for Booking Through Thursday tomorrow but there are no gurantees on that happening so I wanted to post this.  It’s been a few days since I’ve posted something and I feel like it’s been an eternity.  I guess that just means this blog has taken on a life of it’s own and now owns me!  When I’m not posting on here I’m always thinking about things to post next time. 


As for this weeks Weekly Geeks I haven’t had a lot of time to brows through everyone participating, which is really too bad because I enjoy looking at what everyone is up to and what wonderful new books I need to hunt down.  And speaking of hunting down great books, Charlotte has struck again!  We were at What the Book? with Susan (Naked Without Books) on the weekend and Charlotte pulls out a book from the used classics section and what to my wonder is this book?  A String of Pearls, which is the original story of Sweeney Todd.  I didn’t think it was possible to find this book as I did try looking for it online earlier this year to no avail.  So, this will be my first book for the Classics Challenge starting next month, it’s going to be difficult to wait.  But I digress. 

Even though I haven’t had time to look around at what other people have to offer on their site I have received some responce to what I have posted here at That’s the Book!  Thank you to everyone that has come by and left a message or sent an email.  I enjoy reading everything you have to say.  Remember that I do respond to all comments within the comment train.  So, if you’ve left a comment you an read the responce in that posts comments section.

I hope to write again tomorrow but if not I’ll be speaking to you next time from good old Stratford.  And with the flight being as long as it is I’ll have a number of books to review when I get back (to add the ones I still have waiting to do here).  Sigh, the job of a book bloger is never done. 


7 thoughts on “A Smattering of Affairs

  1. I’m still stunned at Charlotte’s brilliance. As I told you before, that title probably would’ve gone right over my head. We need to see about getting her “made” into the bblofia.

  2. Bybee: She has already asked for honorary membership into the Bblofia.

    Errantdreams: It’s up and running again! That makes me very happy!

    Lisamm: Thanks.

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