Booking Through Thursday #9 – Manual Labor

Writing guides, grammar books, punctuation how-tos . . . do you read them? Not read them? How many writing books, grammar books, dictionaries–if any–do you have in your library?

Well, I have a few of these manuals from my university days. I don’t really make reference to them anymore, it’s my problem of not being able to part with any of my books.

To take this from a different angle. When I had to read them I actually enjoyed reading them and looked forward to reading them. Thinking about this question makes me look forward to my return to Canada and I can get my hands on that library. I may even get back to them and read them again.

I’ve never been a wonder at grammar but there is something about reading about grammar that is sickly fascinating. I also got a copy of Eats Shoots and Leaves by Lynne Truss is one of my favorite books. It’s hilarious and presents the grammar issue in a great way, making me want to become a grammar fanatic too.

I guess in short when I have a book like this I read it but I don’t actively hunt them out.


4 thoughts on “Booking Through Thursday #9 – Manual Labor

  1. I loved ES&L too, but I was left with a few questions. Very often she pointed out the differences between American and British rules, but as you know, Canadian grammar seems to be some bizarre hybrid of the two and I’d love for her to write a Canadian version, or at least add a Canadian addendum.

  2. Been wanting to get my hands on Eats Shoots and Leaves! I am SUCH a grammar freak (well, i have mellowed down some).

    I like your new place 🙂

  3. John: That’s an interesting point, I’ve never really considered the differences in Canadian grammar. It would be interesting to see what she would have to say in a Canadian edition.

    Aloi: It’s great, I want to read her new book (well I don’t think it’s that new any more) Talk to the Hand.
    Thanks, I’m glad you like the new digs.

    Melody: You really should get it and read it, it’s good for a laugh if nothing else.

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