Weekly Geeks #5 – I’ve Got a Story

This week we are to write about a different form of story telling for Weekly Geeks. When I first thought about it I thought this is going to be very difficult but then I remember my favorite form of story telling. Now that I’m back in Canada and more specifically in Stratford I can enjoy this other mode of story telling more than I could in Korea.

Theatre has always been a form of story telling that I love.  This is one mode of telling a tale that can be done using various genres.  Why since being home I’ve already watched my first show at the Stratford Shakespeare Festival, Cabaret.  The show was fantastic and I would place it in the top three shows of all time.  As with Cabaret you can watch musicals, many of which are now being adopted to the silver screen, but there are also drama, comedy, and mystery.  Not only are these separate genres but they are also sub-genres for the musical and non-musical types.

I could go on and on about theatre and how fantastic it is, I’ve been involved in theatre in many ways and have watched many shows.  But I don’t think I’ll go into all of them.  But I’ll give you a list of some of my all time favorites:

  • Anything by William Shakespeare
  • Cabaret book by Joe Masteroff, lyrics by Fred Ebb, and music by John Kander
  • Man of La Mancha book by Dale Wasserman, lyrics by Joe Darion, and music by Mitch Leigh
  • Proof by David Auburn
  • Les Belle Soeurs by Michel Tremblay
  • Equus by Peter Shaffer

I’m sure many of you have seen a show or two that you’ve enjoyed.  What are some of your favorites?


13 thoughts on “Weekly Geeks #5 – I’ve Got a Story

  1. If we’re talking Shakespeare, my favorite is “Much Ado about Nothing” followed closely by “Hamlet”. Inspired from Hamlet is another favorite of mine: “Rosencrantz and Gildenstern Are Dead” by Tom Stoppard.

    In the American musical tradition, my favorites include: “Paint Your Wagon” and “The Music Man.”

  2. I used to go to the theater all the time, because the university here has an excellent drama department. My favorite performances were No Exit and The Laramie Project, but I haven’t been in a really long time. I want to start going again; your post has made me nostalgic!

  3. I love MacBeth, although I’ve never seen it performed. 🙂
    The last live theatre I went to was The Rocky Horror Show, done by the local musical theatre company. It was a lot of fun _ there’s nothing quite like seeing something live. 🙂

  4. I saw Equus when I was in London for a class last May and thought it was one of the most incredible plays I had ever seen. I actually left the theater speechless, with one of this post-play giddy highs until we got back to our hotel.

  5. Kim: Equus is great, was that one with Daniel Radcliffe? It’s one of those shows that really gets you thinking isn’t it?

    Maree: There really isn’t anything like seeing a live show. I’m a huge fan of The Rocky Horror Show, I’ve never seen it live but I watch the movie at least once a year.

    Gautami Tripathy: I’ve only seen one Opera (The Magic Flute). It was good, I’d like to see more.

    Renay: No Exit is also one of my all time favorites. But then again I’m a huge fan of Sartre, I hope to get a hold of a copy of his novel one of these days.

    Pussreboots: Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead is classic Stoppard. I’ve never seen Paint Your Wagon but I’ve heard from others that it’s a good one.

    Thanks for all your comments.

  6. Great answer! I love theater as well. I like musicals, my favorite being Footloose or maybe The Music Man. I saw an adaptation of Jane Eyre a few months ago that made me fall in love with theater all over again. Another play that has a special place in my heart is Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. In high school I was in the cast and in college, I painted sets and built props for that play. It is so silly but so fun.

  7. Seeing Daniel Radcliff in Equus was the biggest reason I decided to go to the show in the first place, so I was happy when the play turned out to be great as well. And yes, you have to start thinking a lot, about the idea of passion and normalcy and fixing people — it’s relevant even today.

  8. Earthliness: Thanks for your comment.

    Kim: I thought that was the version you saw. It is a very relevant show for today.

    Bybee: Momma Mia is okay, are you planning on seeing the movie?

    Kim L: I was stage manager for The Music Man a couple years ago, after spending so much time with it the show has lost some of its charm. Joseph is also a fun show, but not as substantial as many of the others talked about.

    John: Tempest is great, I’ve seen it several times here.

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