Catch Up Week

Last week was a rather unusual week.  I haven’t been feeling well and, to be honest, not really all that keen on blogging or reading.  I didn’t even take the time to do Weekly Geeks or Booking Through Thursday.  So, the plan for this week is to do all the catch up I can.  I’m excited about last weeks Weekly Geeks and for some reason I just kept pushing it off.  With the plan to catch up this week you should expect a lot of posts from me this week.  There are a few that I should have done sooner but just haven’t been that up to.

I should also say I’m rather excited that I finally got a job this week.  I’ll be an employee of the Stratford Shakespeare Festival, which a job I’ve been wanting for quite some time.  I start on Sunday and have training for the next few weeks.  One of the best parts of this job is that I’ll be getting free tickets for the shows at the Festival.  There are still a number of shows I haven’t seen there, I’ve already seen three since being home (look for a post on these in the days to come).

Now that I’ve fully adapted to being back in Canada I hope to fully get back into my reading too.  I’ve been rather lax in my reading since being home (aren’t I starting to sound like a broken record?).  So, I hope that you’ll have lots to check out in the week ahead.

I had a contest going for quite sometime but haven’t posted the winner on here yet.  I’ve been looking for a name for a feature of this blog but couldn’t think of anything that I really enjoyed.  I got many great suggestions and it made it difficult to come up with one that I really liked.  But after taking some time to think about this I decided upon a name that Incorporated the name given to the book blogging community.  The name of the feature will be Bblofia Babble, I chose this because of the great alliteration and wanted to use the Bblofia in something.  While on the subject of Bblofia I mentioned that I wanted to create a button for the Bblofia but with me being technically inept in this area I cannot seem to master it.  If someone out there is interested in giving me a hand with this it would be greatly appreciated.  What I had wanted to do was use the logo for The Godfather but change “Godfather” to “Bblofia”.  Any help in the creation of this button would be fantastic.

Thanks for let me get this off my chest!  I’ve felt bad about not keeping things updated but feel much better knowing that I’m going to reverse this.  Keep eyes peeled for the updates coming this week.