The Classics Challenge

Well, I’m so excited about The Classics Challenge I have a few books that I’ve been wanting to read and need to get to. This will definitely help me dive back into the classical book world. I decided not to go into this challenge with a list but let the list build as I go along. There are a couple books that I will definitely read for this challenge. I’ve been reading Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice for a while now and will be using it as one of the books for this challenge. I also plan to read String of Pearls for this challenge. String of Pearls was a find while in Korea, I did talk about it in an earlier post. It’s the story that helped to propel the Sweeney Todd story, it’s actually the first story about Todd that later because a musical, which in turn became a movie staring Depp. Finally I plan to read Moby Dick by Herman Melville the reason I’ve selected this novel is because Stratford Shakespeare Festival is putting on a production of Moby Dick by the same people that did The Overcoat. The other two books will come as I go along.

In the next little while I plan to post reviews on this site of the productions at the Festival as something a little different. I’m a huge fan of the theatre and have read many plays and I thought this would be a way to bring my love of theatre and love of books together.

I look forward to reading these books and the adventures that come with them. Because this is a new foray into literature for me it would be interested to hear from you any books that would be good for me to look into.


5 thoughts on “The Classics Challenge

  1. Whew! Moby Dick is a biggie but a very good read. Glad you’ll be joining us. You actually left your link for the Orbis Terranum challenge so I’m going to swap it out for this link. 😉

  2. Bybee: Well you were there when I got String of Pearls, I’m so excited to read it. I’m surprised I lasted this long already without reading it. But alas I have too many books on the go now as it is.

    Trish: Yeah it’s a big one but given that the show in town is a movement I thought I should read the book to better understand the story. Opps, my mistake…sorry.

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