Shake Hands with the Devil

It’s been a few years since I read General Romeo Dallaire’s book Shake Hands with the Devil. In this book he recounts his time in Rawanda during the genocide, what it was like being the head of UN peace keeping mission which was more or less used to try and help the western world feel like they are doing something in a vary dangerous part of the world. Since then there has been a documentary about his return to Rawanda ten years after the genocide.

Here is a clip from the opening of the documentary of the same name as the book. I must warn you that there are some disturbing images in the following clip.

Just recently I watched the new movie also called Shake Hands with the Devil. The new movie is based on the book written by Dallaire which stars Roy Dupuis as the general. Watching the movie reminded me of both the novel and another movie in which focuses on the genocide in this country, Hotel Rawanda. Here’s the trailer for the film:

Romeo Dallaire was a huge part of every aspect of the making of this film and it’s interesting to note that the movie was filmed at the exact locations as the original events.

Some of you may recall when I was being hosted at another site the post I made entitled Hero! in which I talked about the great Stephen Lewis. I think Dallaire belongs in the same company as Lewis. Both of which have been given Canada’s highest honor the Order of Canada. I just think it’s unfortunate that their efforts haven’t been recognized on the worlds stage like it should.

Dallaire was vocal about the atrocities that were going to happen in Rawanda if nothing was done and the western world opted to ignore what he had to say. And then didn’t think they should recognize the mass killings as they were happening as genocide because then they would be forced to do something about it. The world is doing the same thing in Darfur and it’s shameful!

The only way governments will do anything to end these atrocities and that is for everyone to stand up and be vocal about it. I want to encourage you to add your voices to those that cannot be vocal and show the people in Darfur that we do care and aren’t going to stand by and accept what’s happening. I would like to encourage everyone to help spread the word. If you need help spreading the world watch either of the movies or read the book Shake Hands with the Devil.

Everybody is part of humanity and by standing up you are showing everyone that all people are human worthy of the life. Please do something now. If you do a post please pass the link on to and I’ll add a link to your post at the end of this post.


4 thoughts on “Shake Hands with the Devil

  1. For some reason the trailers are just showing up as blank white squares in your post. I don’t know if I’m just missing some plugin or if something got broken in the code, so I thought I’d mention it, just in case.

  2. I’ll have to look some of those up. My mom worked with a man who survived the genocide and she’s always interested in learning more about it.

  3. What an event to give a person nightmares. Its so hard to imagine how something like that could have happened, but then again, knowing human nature, it isn’t that hard to imagine after all. I plan to watch Hotel Rwanda, but I’m also kind of afraid to watch it, to have to see what people did to each other.

  4. Kim L: Hotel Rwanda is a good film but it is difficult to watch. It’s also very true that horrific things like this can happen in the world and continue to happen.

    Liviania: That would be really interesting to work with people that have lived through something like that. I’m sure they have some stories that would seem unbelievable.

    Heather: Thanks again for pointing out the problem.

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