Little Bit & Big Byte

I received a copy of Little Bit & Big Byte written by Craig T. Feigh and illustrated by Patrick Carlson.  The idea of this new children’s book was to introduce youngsters to computer components since the majority of them are already using them.  When I was asked to review an advanced copy of Little Bit & Big Byte I couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

The book arrived in the mail last week and I read it as soon as I could.  I must say that i was thrilled to read it when I got the email asking if I wanted to review it.  Then it came.  The concept is wonderful but the book really doesn’t have much to offer young readers.  I was going to read this to my niece and nephew but after I read it I didn’t think they would really enjoy it.

The idea of computer parts as characters is great but it limits what can be done with story and the story itself doesn’t really deal with computers.  And I must say that puns are alright but there are too many of them and it just doesn’t work.  The concept of watching what you do on your computer and to beware of viruses is lost in the attempt to make an interesting story.  And as a result everything is lost.

The illustrations are fun because they are bright and colourful.  And Patrick Carlson placed a dog bone in each picture which gives the young readers (those that don’t know how to read yet) the opportunity to look at the book even though they have no reading level yet.  I found this to be the most interesting aspect of the book.  The first thing I did when I turned the page was to look for the bone.

Overall I think the concept is great but the story and themes get lost to quickly in Little Bit & Big Byte.  But this shouldn’t deter others from trying to write about the computer which has infiltrated every part of our lives.


One thought on “Little Bit & Big Byte

  1. I’ve just reviewed this book at my blog today and included a link to you for futhur reading. I’d love if you want to include a link to mine. It’s here

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