Booking Through Thursday #18

Okay, I know it’s been a long time since I’ve done any writing here but it’s time for that to change. For those of you keeping an eye on things you would know that I’ve been having some health issues and things seem to have changed for a while and I was having chest issues but it’s looking like I’m on the mend.

With that out of the way now I’ll do my entry for Booking Through Thursday

Booking Through Thursday

1. Do you have a favorite author?
2. Have you read everything he or she has written?
3. Did you LIKE everything?
4. How about a least favorite author?
5. An author you wanted to like, but didn’t?

Well these are some great questions and I’m excited to answer them and see what everyone else has said.

1. Yes, and for those that are regular reads here at That’s the Book! would know that my favorite author is Douglas Coupland. There are a number of reason for loving this author but the top two would be that he is Canadian and I’ve really come to love Canadian writing and think it’s important to read books from your home country. By reading your nations writers you get a better understanding of who you and your people are. The other reason I’m a fan is because not only is his writing relevant but his stories are different. Many authors tend to tell the same story but not Coupland.

2. No, I haven’t read everything he has written. But I have read almost all of his fiction. Coupland has done both fiction and non-fiction writing which is very exciting. I do hope to get my hands on some of his non-fiction writing and see if I enjoy it.

3. I cannot think of anything that I have read by him that I don’t like. So I guess I could say that for the time being I have enjoyed what I’ve read. Some books not as much but I do enjoy what he writes.

4. I cannot think of an author I don’t like. I may not like a particular book but I don’t hold that against the author.

5. Jane Austin. I think I’ll leave it at that.


5 thoughts on “Booking Through Thursday #18

  1. It’s so nice to see you posting again. I haven’t been well enought to write for a few weeks now and it’s an awful feeling. I’m just making comments right now for as long as I can sit at the computer. I enjoyed your answers; haven’t read Coupland myself, and did not know he is from Canada. I find it impossible to name only one favourite author, I have dozens. Take care.

  2. I really like Douglas Coupland as well, but only some of his books. I find that the books that I don’t like (Microserfs, JPod, All Families Are Psychotic) were the books that my husband really liked. Go figure.

  3. Sally: I’d like to see what comments you have made but somehow your link didn’t work. If you wouldn’t mind sending me the link to your page that would be great.

    Sandra: It feels terrible that I haven’t been writing and part of the reason for not writing is that I haven’t been reading either…I’m not sure which is more of a sin. It can be difficult to name one author but he was the one that came up because he is consistent and I always look for his new work.

    Michelle: I really loved JPod but I agree that All Families Are Psychotic wasn’t very good. Reader’s may really enjoy his latest book The Gum Thief I’ll have to blog about that one if I haven’t already done that.

    Bybee: Good choice of books I’m sure you’ve already look but I got my copy at What the Book!

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