Who Named the Knife – Book Review

Who Named the KnifeWho Named the Knife
By: Linda Spalding
Genre: Non-fiction

Who Named the Knife: a Book of Murder and Memory by Linda Spalding is perhaps the best non-fiction novel I read in 2008.  It’s a wonderful novel of friendship , betrayal and murder.  Spalding felt compelled to tell the story of a young woman caught up in a murder trial whom she befriends.

Spalding comes across a notebook that she used while a member of a jury in the murder trial of Maryann.  She was an alternate in the jury and due to a minor incident she had one morning which resulted in her being dismissed.  She found this particular notebook after she had moved to Canada with her new husband Michael Ondaatja (which made reading this book a little more interesting because she refers to her husband and boyfriend simply as Michael).

The murder took place in Hawaii but over the years Spalding continues the relationship with the imprisoned Maryann.  Where more and more of the story comes alive and real to Spalding and thanks to her wonderful ability to tell a story comes alive to the reader.  The story is very touching and real and never more so than when Spading tells the imprisoned Maryann that if she would have stayed on the jury Maryann would be free.

This is a must read and has a great connection for Americans and Canadians alike because the author has spent significant years in both countries and both are connected with in the tale she weaves in Who Named the Knife.


3 thoughts on “Who Named the Knife – Book Review

  1. I knew the victim in this case He was a loving and innocent 2o yr old boy and in no way deserved tihis.. For all I care, Maryann can rot in hell. she took our friend from us and did nothing sbout it

  2. bybee: It is a must read, you should read it when you get the chance.

    eee cee: I truly feel for everyone that knew the individual murdered in this case. I can understand your feeling towards Maryann and don’t blame you for it. This is one persons story that was influenced by the woman and the incident. Thank you for your comment.

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