Inauguration Day Thoughts

As I’m sitting watching the inaugural celebrations on CNN I cannot help but think back on the last 8 years of Bush’s reign and my first encounter with Barack Obama.  As a Canadian it’s not always kosher to say much about the political landscape of the United States of America but our politics are so interwoven I think it wouldn’t be prudent to dismiss today.

On that election night in 2000 I’m sure we can all recall how confusing it was and how contriversial that evening and the following months were.  For me Bush was always controversial and I must admit I was never a supporter of her but my support for that president dwindled from very little to not all when everyone was protesting against the Iraqi war and Bush stated, “I don’t care what these people think, we are going to war”.  And that doesn’t take into consideration all the other gaffs Bush made during his presidency.

I don’t remember when it was but I recall see Obama on Operah talking about his book The Audacity of Hope.  After hearing him speak I wanted to read his book.  I knew this was a man that wanted to bring hope and healing to a nation and world in so much turmoil.

I’m looking forward to seeing what Obama with do for America and the world.  He has a lot on his shoulders today but I think and hope he will come through.  I’m just concerned that he will be assassinated because of the popularity he has how he can easily polarize the nation.  Let’s appreciate this great man and help him achieve the changes he wants to make and the world needs.


3 thoughts on “Inauguration Day Thoughts

  1. Your fear is echoed by many. I believe he can do so much given the time to do so. I add my prayers (or whatever) to yours that he be given the chance.

    Just a short while and he’s in!!

  2. I was pleased at surprised at his stern insistence that we must be accountable for what we do and have done and will do.

    I like your new layout.

  3. Lezlie: Let’s hope the fear is unfounded. It’s exciting to see him in office now.

    bybee: Agreed, thanks for the comment about the layout.

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