The Lennon Prophecy – Book Review

productimage1The Lennon Prophecy

By Joseph Niezgoda

Genre: Non-fiction

John Lennon and the Beatles have been a source of interest for many people over the years.  The death of John Lennon has been of greater interest.  Joseph Niezgoda explores the subject of Lennon’s death and relates it to the theory that Lennon may have sold his soul to the devil.  Stories of people selling their souls to the devil have been quite popular over the centuries, the most famous of those stories undoubtedly being that of Dr. Faustus by Christopher Marlowe.

Marlowe’s story is one of my favorite plays and is quite dramatic and is probably the story we immediately think of when we hear of someone selling their soul to the devil.  Niezgoda talks about other people that have reportedly sold their souls to the devil before delving into the Lennon theory in The Lennon Prophecy.

The Lennon Prophecy is told like a biography of Lennon’s life with interjections that are given as “proof” that he did indeed sell his soul.  Some of these interjections are so absurd and can come across as a crazy person just like those theorists that claim people haven’t been on the moon yet.  I can see how some of these things are coincidental but then other things are a far streatch and if I wanted to could take the same examples to prove just about anything.

This was an interesting novel and it’s easy to read too.  The story of Lennon is far more interesting than the theories presented in this book.  If you can look past some of the crack pot ideas present as “proof” that John Lennon sold his soul to the devil it’s a great book.  The idea is interesting but Niezgoda wasn’t able to present his theory with solid ideas.  It wasn’t too crazy to prevent me from putting the book down without finishing it, that’s good right?

Until next time happy reading.


3 thoughts on “The Lennon Prophecy – Book Review

  1. Chris Moran: Thank you

    Care: He really does, I thought it was a little odd. He did present some good thoughts on the subject for over all he came across as being a little crazy…as most conspiracy theorists do.
    I also really enjoy that quote. Thanks.

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