Weekly Review #5

I spent the last weekend in New York City.  It was my first time in the city that never sleeps and it was wonderful.  While I was there I took in three shows, most of which were fantastic.  I also worked on completing the books I started last week.  I should get The Devil’s Picnic finished early this week and I’ll replace it with T.H.E. Hill’s Voices Under Berlin: The Tale of Monterey Mary which is a preview copy.

While in NYC I took in Equus, Marry Poppins, and August: Osage County.  The last two were amazing, Mary Poppins gets great kudos for the technical wonderment.  It included a bed made out of a cloth and Poppins sliding up a banister.  Equus (written by Peter Shaffer) was not very good.  Daniel Radcliffe wasn’t any good in the show (I must say I really wasn’t surprised by this) but then the woman playing Nurse was awful.  Then on top of that the lighting was probably done by a 5 year old.  August: Osage Country (written by Tracy Latts – and won the Pulitzer Prize)  was perhaps the best show I’ve ever seen.  It was amazing, if you get a chance to see or read it you must!


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