Weekly Review #7

When it comes to reading it’s been a rather slow week.  I was wanting to get more read but as usual life tends tends to get in the way so some things get left behind and unfortunately it was reading that has had to suffer.  When life gets busy for you how do you get all the reading in you’d like to?  Or should I say get all the reading in you possibly can?

I guess I’m lucky enough that I can get some reading in at work while I’m work.  As one of those annoying people that makes phone calls selling tickets for the festival.  Since many people don’t answer I need something that will occupy my time so that I don’t go completely crazy I get some reading done.  The problem is not every book is suited for the stops and starts needed when doing this kind of work.  It’s been difficult trying to find something so I’ve had to change a few books over the week.  I still haven’t found one that will work for me to do this kind of reading.

Yesterday I went with Mike to see Coraline in Kitchener.  When we decided to see it I mentioned wanting to read the book the movie was based on and Mike told me had the book.  So he brought the book with him.  I’ll be bringing that book with me to work today because it looks like something that will work for reading there.

Coraline was a fantastic film and seeing it in 3D was great!  If you haven’t seen this film yet you should rush out and see it now.  The story is great and then to see it in 3D added to the story.  When I went to see the show I thought the 3D aspect would be gimmicky and was skeptical about that.  It wasn’t that way at all, it made for a fun few hours at the cinema.  Now I’m really looking forward to seeing what Neal Gaiman’s novel will be like.


3 thoughts on “Weekly Review #7

  1. Nymeth: It’s really worth watching. Fantastic film and if you can sit in front of or close to a little kid they have some funny comments during the show.

    Kim L: I saw it in 3-D too and loved it.

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