Booking Through Thursday #23

Booking Through Thursday

I recently got new bookshelves for my room, and I’m just loving them. Spent the afternoon putting up my books and sharing it on my blog . One of my friends asked a question and I thought it would be a great BTT question. So from Tina & myself, we’d like to know “How do you arrange your books on your shelves? Is it by author, by genre, or you just put it where it falls on?”

This is a great question. And there are a couple of things I do when I shelve my books. I first organize my books by genre, I get really excited to do this and when I get new books I tend to pull everything off the shelves and re-organize them all. Then I go along and organize them alphabetically by last name of the author.

I’m not usually an organized person but when it comes to things like I love sorting through the books and surveying these treasures. I’m interested to go and see what everyone else has to say on this topic. But I have a feeling that many of you do the same thing with your books.

My grandfather made a bookcase for me and I’m looking forward to getting it here and finally putting all my books on the shelves again.


4 thoughts on “Booking Through Thursday #23

  1. You sound like my husband… he loves sorting out all the books on our bookshelf. I try to be organized in life, but when it comes to bookshelves, I just get very, very lazy. My shelves are as unorganized as it gets.

  2. Sally: He’s great. For a while all my cousins and myself have got something he’s made for Christmas every year.

    claire: It’s so much fun. I finally did my sorting and shelving the other day. It felt good to finally do that.

    Kim L: My books tend to be the only place I’m extremely organized. The rest of life can be found in piles that look chaotic but I know where to find what I’m looking for.

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