Stiff – Review

stiffStiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers

By: Mary Roach

Genre: Non-fiction

Alright, this was one book that I couldn’t wait to write about on here. If I could I would send all of you a copy of this book for a couple of reasons: a) this is perhaps one of the most informative novels I’ve read, and b) perhaps one of the funniest novels I’ve come across. If you’re looking for a simple review of this book it’s AMAZING and you just go out and get it!

This book is so informative I can know tell you several different uses (would that be the right word to use here?) for a human cadaver. I also know every step that happens in the decomposition process, and in case you were wondering it’s not pritty. I also know that one body has been composed for scientific purposes, nothing like a mixture of manure, straw and corps. But don’t let this turn you off from reading Mary Roach’s Stiff because you are sure to burst out in fits of laughter.

There were far too many times I ruptured into fits of laughter at work while reading this book. Which would often lead to the inevitable question, “What’s so funny?” And how many times can answer that question, honestly, by say say corpses, or cannibalism for medicinal purposes, or theft of human remains? Not often enough would be the correct answer in case you were wondering. Roach has a wonderful biting sense of humor that works to lighten the material she’s writing about.

This was a book that’s been sitting on my shelves for quite some time and I regret now that I’ve waited this long to read it. It was truly a wonderful. I can actually see this being one of those books I continually bring up in conversations about books people should read. So go out and read it!


3 thoughts on “Stiff – Review

  1. And this book should be able to count for the Science Challenge, yes? I ‘ve been wanting to read this and all Mary Roach’s books for awhile now….

  2. When I read it back in 2004, I was suddenly struck by just how unimaginative being buried in a coffin with a gravestone on top was and how many more interesting choices were out there.

  3. Care: You should read it, it’s such a fun and informative book. I hope to get my hands on another book of hers.

    bybee: Yeah that was interesting, I like the other options presented in the book.

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