Canada Reads – Day 5

cov-outlander-outToday is another sad day with the end of Canada Reads 2009.  And, as all previous episodes, we started with the revelation of the previous days vote.  It ended up, and I must say I was kind of surprised, that The Outlander by Gil Adamson left.  Which left Lawrence Hill’s The Book of Negroes against Fruit by Brian Francis.

Once the discussion started for the day it became vary obvious which book was going to come out victorious.  The question about scope, I think, resulted in the real down fall of Fruit.  It’s important for the book of Canada Reads to have a rather large scope because it does seem to make more appealing for the largest audience.  I did enjoy The Book of Negroes but I really didn’t want to have that one win because it’s already extremely popular.  Perhaps that’s not the best reason for wanting a book eliminated but I think there are so many wonderful Canadian books out there that aren’t recognized for the greatness contained between the covers.

So, it’s true The Book of Negroes is the winner of Canada Reads 2009.  Congratulations to Avi Lewis for advocating for this book and Lawrence Hill for writing this wonderful novel for all of Canada and the world to enjoy.

cov-fruit-out1 bookofnegroes

Now you know what book you’ll win if you enter my first giveaway.  The contest closes tonight at midnight.  A comment will be selected at random and it’s open to everyone.  The winner will get a new copy of The Book of Negroes by Lawrence Hill.  The best of luck to all that enter.