CBC Book Club

I must say that I’m absolutely thrilled that CBC finally started up a book club.  Those of you that are regular readers of That’s the Book! will know that I’m a huge fan of Canada Reads and I get really excited about the annual contest.  But it’s always stopped after the big week and the book is selected.  Not this time.  This time there are a lot of discussions about the winning novel The Book of Negroes by Lawrence Hill.

Every day Hannah Sung posts a blog on some top of discussion, be it a particular aspect of the novel or the other goings on on the site.  I think she’s doing a fantastic job of keeping people excited about the book and keeps up posted on various aspects of the authors process.  This is a great place for anyone that has read The Book of Negroes or in the process of reading the novel.

Be sure while there to check out the audio and visual clips posted on the site.  Participate in the discussion boards dealing with several aspects of the novel.  And if that’s not enough for you there are a couple of contest happening right now where you can ask the author questions about his writing.  There is plenty for you to take a look at and do.

I hope you enjoy the book club as much as I do.  I’m really looking forward to what the next book will be.