Booking Through Thursday #28

Booking Through Thursday

The opposite of last week’s question: “What’s the best ‘worst’ book you’ve ever read — the one you like despite some negative reviews or features?”

To be honest I cannot think anything that would answer this question personally.  Usually if I hear enough negative about a book I avoid it because I don’t want to waste my time on something that I wouldn’t enjoy.  I cannot even think of something that I read and enjoyed  that I later found out others really didn’t like.

I’ll be interested to see what everyone else had to say on this subject.


11 thoughts on “Booking Through Thursday #28

  1. I really struggled with this question too! I think I’m fussier than most people, so can’t think of many books which I’ve ever loved then seen a negative review for.

    Perhaps you’ll find a few once you’ve read everyone elses responses.

  2. It’s probably my most difficult BTT question. It also echoes last week’s question, because, depending on how one looks at it, they are really the same question. The key is how to define “good” and “bad.” I picked Da Vinci Code last week and the book pops up again all over for this week.

  3. Is it sad that this was really, really easy for me? I have lots of books on my “favorites” list that are the literary equivalent of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. You know it’s not good. You know you should be ashamed of yourself for watching at all, let alone loving it. But you just can’t help yourself.

    I wrote about Motley Cure’s autobiography and the Flowers in the Attic series.

  4. I couldn’t thought of anything….

    I never read review.

    I have just found out that Da Vinci Code is in bad review…but I like it a lot

  5. Jessica: If I read what the book is about before the actual review it may be enough to draw me to the novel. So, I guess the review isn’t the only thing that effects my choice of books, but I hear consistently that it isn’t a good one I generally leave it alone.

    blodeuedd: This was a difficult question wasn’t it?

    Jackie: I’ve taken a look at what others had to say and still couldn’t think of anything.

    Barbara H.: I’m glad so many people could come up with something. As much as a racked my brain over this one I couldn’t think of anything.

    MOG: Yes, I guess I’m really the same way. If the synopsis sounds good enough it can override the reviews but I cannot think anything right off the top of me head yet.

    Matthew: You’re right, both were difficult questions. I was kind of surprised that Da Vinci Code came up a lot this week.

    DeSeRtRoSe: I have not read Twilight, never been of interest.

    Library Diva: Interesting that you found this one easy. You’re the only one that I’ve come across that said it’s an easy one. I’ll be sure to take a look at what you said. And many of these seem to be books that people probably shouldn’t admit to enjoying.

    Novroz: Yeah I couldn’t think of anything either. I’m just glad that I’m not the only that couldn’t think of an answer to this one.

    cowgalutah: It’s a difficult question. Interesting choice for an answer.

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