CBC Book Club Take 2

Today is an exciting day for the CBC book club but it’s also an exciting for me! We are winding down our discussion of The Book of Negroes by Lawrence Hill. There were many great things talked about over the month and the discussions seem to be continuing over the weekend.

I’m really looking forward to the next book for the group. Hannah is holding back the title until Monday to tell us and from the live chat that just wrapped up there are a number of people looking forward to the new book. While we read the book the discussions in the month of April will be all about humor in books. What books make us laugh and what authors do we like to read because they have the ability of make us laugh? Given this is a book club run by the CBC a focus will be on Canadian authors but not limited to them.

Now, I was really excited that I could participate in the live chat this time around. It’s always been scheduled during times that I had to work. So as soon as I got home I grabbed my MacBook and joined the chat and took a look at my email. Low and behold I had an email from CBC telling me that I won the Sony Reader they were giving away! I know there has been some discussion in the blog-o-sphere about Amazon’s Kindle. I wanted to get one but I knew I wouldn’t get one because of the cost so winning this free e-Reader really excites me! I’ll keep you posted on how I like/dislike it.


If you’re looking to be a part of an online book club or even keen on getting into the Canadian book scene (and who doesn’t?) you should get involved in the CBC book club.