Trivial Tuesday #4


Before I get into this weeks question and last weeks answer I wanted to mention something. Today I’m the feature reader at CBC Book Club, it’s kind of exciting. There are links to my blog as well as two of my favourite blogs. You’ll have to go there to check it out. You’ll see my photo and name on the front page that will link you to the featured reader page.

The answer to last weeks question is St. Francis de Sales. He’s not only the patron saint of writers but the saint for several others. He represents Baker, Oregon; Cincinnati, Ohio; Catholic press; Columbus, Ohio; confessors; deaf people; educators; Upington, South Africa; Wilmington, Delaware; writers; journalists.

This weeks question is an easy one and is a two parter.  What is Mark Twain’s real name?  And what was the first book he wrote?

Until next week, enjoy reading.  Also if you have any trivia questions please send an email to and I’ll include them in Trivial Tuesday.


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