Sony Reader a Preliminary Review


After the last few days of great anticipation for the Sony Reader PRS-505 my inner geek was jubilant when there was a rapping on my door.  I wasted no time putting books on there so I would have something to read at work, putting all other reading on hold to test out this machine.  What’s the first book I’m reading on my Sony Reader you may ask.  Well, I couldn’t think of anything more appropriate than Philip K. Dick’s Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

I’ve always been skeptical about these devices and if I would ever enjoy it.  After spending a day with it I know that I enjoy using it thus satisfying both my inner geek and inner bookworm.  The screen is similar to the pages of a book but technology cannot duplicate that.  It’s a wonderful device and would actually recommend getting one.  But this is after one day’s use.

The one aspect that is truly missed using this is the smell and feel of having a novel in your hands.  There is something to be said about having an actual book, reading is more tactile than I first thought.  But this will definitely come in handy when reading huge tomes, the kind that have the ability to cause bodily harm due the weight.  I’ll be sure to use it for those books.

Do keep your eyes peeled for a more thorough review of this device in weeks to come.


3 thoughts on “Sony Reader a Preliminary Review

  1. I’m so torn about this…my innerbookworm and my innergeek are fighting with my inner cheapskate. Now that you’ve posted your initial thoughts, it’s turning into a free-for-all.

  2. Smelly books are overrated 🙂

    I have had my Sony Reader for a couple years now and love it. It’s particularly good for books that are in the public domain or are just free. It stinks to have to sit at a computer to read a book on .pdf. Now I can read it in bed using the Sony Reader.

    The Google Books/Sony partnership has made things even better.

  3. bybee: I would have to agree with you. There was a battle going on before I got this. Now that I do I really enjoy the device.

    strugglingwriter: Yes, there are many benefits to having this device. I think I primarily use it for free/public domain books too.

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