Weekly Geeks 2009-14


What shall we cook today? It seems that for most of us, a bit of our book obsession would carry over to the cookbook genre, so this week for Weekly Geeks, let’s talk cookbooks! Here are some ideas to get you started:

–Describe your cookbook collection. How many cookbooks do you own? A lot? Just a few? None at all?
–Do you even buy cookbooks? Or do you gather family cookbook compilations and/or recipe files instead?
–Do you like to collect certain types of cookbooks? Say, from certain chefs? From places you visit? From a particular food group or style?
–When buying cookbooks, what do you look for? Does it need to have pictures? Spiral binding? A specific type of font?
–What is your favorite cookbook? Tell us the story behind it.
–Tell us about your most well-used cookbook. Is it different from your favorite cookbook? Or are they one and the same?
–Take a picture of your collection. How and where do you organize it?
–Share a recipe from one of your favorite cookbooks. Include a picture if you can.

Alright this is something I wish I could contribute to more but unfortunate this isn’t possible.  I have books at my current residence but I also have so many more in boxes at my parents place.  In those boxes I think there may be one book cookbook.  And if I remember correctly I’ve been a good Mennonite and my cookbook is More With Less.  It’s a cookbook that I love using to cook with but I wish I had more.  I hope to get the second cookbook put out by Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) called Extending the Table.

I enjoy cooking but when I do I tend to do experiments, most work but there are others that don’t.  And it’s rather unfortunate when one of my concoctions don’t work out as I expected.  But even if I don’t use cookbooks I enjoy looking at them to produce some ideas.  There are even times I wish I had them so I know what to cook.  And there is nothing greater than a good photo of some tasty food.