Weekly Review #15

Another week down and yet another lies ahead.  There have been a number of happenings this week that are worth noting.  

1. Thank YOU!  I wanted to take an opportunity to thank all of you that have been regulars and those of you just discovering That’s the Book!  The primary reason for wanting to take this opportunity right now is because comments have reached over 500 this week.  I appreciate all comments that are left here because they have often helped me to consider different aspects of novels while I read.  It’s wonderful to be a part of such a rich and vibrant community online.  As an added thank you there is a gift for the person that made the 500th post.  An email has been sent to Kim L. from Bold. Blue. Adventure. letting her know that 500 is thanks to her.

2. As I’m writing this a copy of Christopher Moore’s Fool is making its way to me.  I was shocked to receive an email from Harper Collins Canada this week.  And even more shocked to see that the email was asking me if I would be interested in getting a copy of Moore’s most recent novel, Fool.  I was absolutely thrilled with this offer and I’m sure it came across in my response:

I would love a copy of this book!!!  I love Christopher Moore, and I work for the Stratford Shakespeare Festival so this is a perfect book.
Thank you so much for offering me this.  I couldn’t be more thrilled!!
I don’t think I could have come across as more of a blathering idiot.  But I’m a huge fan of Christopher Moore and have been waiting to get my hands on a copy of this book, I was actually about to get a copy the next day, so to have them send this to me excited me to no end.
3. I also got some reading finished this week.  I finished Tom Wolfe’s The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test and got a start on Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? by Philip K. Dick (which is being read on my new Sony Reader) as well as Bernhard Schlink’s The Reader.  I should get The Reader finished today, as I don’t go back to work until tomorrow.  
This weeks Theatrical Thursday will be all about The Reader.  Until next time happy reader.

3 thoughts on “Weekly Review #15

  1. Jessica: I just started the book tonight, so far so good!

    Kim L: Now I just hope you enjoy the book. I think if you liked the movie you’ll get some enjoyment from graphic novel.

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