Weekly Review # 19

Alright, it’s good to be back.  I’ve been MIA for some time now for a number of reasons but I don’t think I’ll really get into that now.  I’ve spent the time reading, working and attending performances at the Stratford Shakespeare Festival (I guess that’s also work, but that’s just semantics).  This past week has been busier than I thought it would be but it’s been a good busy.

This week was the opening week of the Stratford Shakespeare Festival.  That’s always an exciting time but it’s also a busy time.  The gala opening was last Monday, June 1, and opened with Macbeth.  There were some notable people in attendance that evening, I’ll get into that when I do the review.  

Since last week was opening week this week will be reviews of all the shows that opened at the festival this past week.  I hope these reviews help to spark your interest in some of the shows at the festival this season and if you haven’t been before it may just spark an interested in the festival.


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