Hello World!

I cannot believe how crazy my life has been nuts!  I keep telling myself I need to get back and catch you all up on the reading I’ve been doing and the show’s I’ve seen both at Stratford and abroad.  In the next month I’ll be seeing another four shows, that’s four I haven’t seen yet this season.  I’ll be seeing The Sound of Music in Toronto, Sunday in the Park with George and Born Yesterday at Shaw and the final show is Rice Boy at Stratford.  So, I’ll be posting those reviews as well as the others I saw this past summer.

On top of all this I’ve been doing some house shopping and I’m glad to say that I finally found a place today.  I’ll be moving in October and I’m really looking forward to the move.  I’ve also been working on my application for a new job at work, still be working at the Stratford Shakespeare Festival but the job will be different (if I get it).  The new job would be on the production side of things rather on the phone dealing patrons.  I’m not expecting much to come of my application but I thought it’s not going to hurt to try.

Then I have to get you all caught up on the copious amounts of reading I’ve been doing.  I have quite a few books I have to add the my list of books I’ve read this year.  There are a number of books I’ve really enjoyed but then there have been one or two that have been terrible.  In the last few days I’ve also received a couple of books directly from the authors, the most recent being 54 Water Street by Melissa Strangway.  She told me she’d give me a book in exchange for some attention to the book world.  So here it starts!!

I hope to be more vigilant in the next little while with getting some blogging done.  I’m also looking forward to catching up on what you have all been up to in the last while.

Happy reading everyone.


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