Pride and Prejudice

I think i may have put this off long enough and the time has come for me to make an admission that I really don’t want to make.  For both the 1% Well-Read Challenge and the Classics Challenge I read Jane Austin’s Pride and Prejudice.  I finished the book a few weeks ago already but haven’t really got to the point where I want to put my thoughts on this book on the web.

Alright, so I don’t think I need to provide you all with a synopsis of this most famous Austin tale.  I think I’m that last living soul that’s read the book.  I’m sure you all have a story you could tell about Austin and a connection to one of her books.  I have no such story, other than being the last person on the globe to read this book.

I’m glad I waited so long to read the book but truth be told I didn’t like it.  Okay, okay, put your stones down I bruise easily.  You’re more than welcome to hate the fact that I didn’t enjoy Pride and Prejudice but hear me out.  It wasn’t due to the writing it was the story itself.  The characters weren’t people I could connect with, they were elitists and, all though I can be a hopeless romantic, the idea of getting married to better your social status is dumbfounding at best or fall head over heals for someone you really don’t know baffles me.

Rather than going on and on about this because I’m sure many of you are gone already never to return after hearing this punk speaking poorly of Austen I’ll just end this post.  If you’ve made it this far would you mind explaining to me what it is you like so much about the book?  Or if you’re like me, and willing to be a book outcast, you could tell me that you don’t like the book too.

On to the next book.  And thanks for putting those stones and rotten food down!


The Classics Challenge

Well, I’m so excited about The Classics Challenge I have a few books that I’ve been wanting to read and need to get to. This will definitely help me dive back into the classical book world. I decided not to go into this challenge with a list but let the list build as I go along. There are a couple books that I will definitely read for this challenge. I’ve been reading Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice for a while now and will be using it as one of the books for this challenge. I also plan to read String of Pearls for this challenge. String of Pearls was a find while in Korea, I did talk about it in an earlier post. It’s the story that helped to propel the Sweeney Todd story, it’s actually the first story about Todd that later because a musical, which in turn became a movie staring Depp. Finally I plan to read Moby Dick by Herman Melville the reason I’ve selected this novel is because Stratford Shakespeare Festival is putting on a production of Moby Dick by the same people that did The Overcoat. The other two books will come as I go along.

In the next little while I plan to post reviews on this site of the productions at the Festival as something a little different. I’m a huge fan of the theatre and have read many plays and I thought this would be a way to bring my love of theatre and love of books together.

I look forward to reading these books and the adventures that come with them. Because this is a new foray into literature for me it would be interested to hear from you any books that would be good for me to look into.