Tough Decision

I seem to be having a difficult time deciding on a theme for my blog.  So, I want to take a moment to apologise for the ever changing themes.  I find I need to “live” with a theme for a couple days before I know if I like it or not.  There are some great themes and some that I can eliminate very quickly because they are too plain for me.  

If I’ve got a theme up that you really like let me know because I like to hear from you wonderful readers of That’s the Book!  I’ll be using you as a sounding board so it’s going to be huge help if you tell me which theme you may or may not like.  

I’m currently looking at this theme because it’s nice and fresh.  But my fear is that it is a seasonal theme.  If they come out with something crisp, clean, and pops for each season I could see this working really well.  

I guess to sum things up I just want you to stick with me as I try to make a decision, and feel free to voice your opinion on this.  Thank you!


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